ACAQ Newsletter – 001

ACAQ Newsletter – 001 June – August 2016
Welcome to the 1st edition of our new quarterly newsletter, “STRIKE SWIFTLY & WITHOUT WARNING”, the Newsletter of the ACA Qld. Previously the ACA Qld had the newsletter TOK-TOK which was well maintained with the former President MAJ Keith Long, RFD. (Retd) who suddenly passed away at the end of 2015. We have given life back into our newsletter; we revamped it and renamed it so we hope you enjoy what we have done and you are always welcome to submit articles and photos. Your newsletter will have historical battles fought by Commando units, birthdays, unit history, DVA notices, advertisements of events and businesses now run by Commando members as well as insight stories on members of the Association and Commando units.
The beginning of 2016 has been quite busy for our Association with Commando & SF Day being conducted at Kakoda Barracks, Canungra, in April, which was well represented by members of the Association and other kindred Associations as well as, ANZAC Day in Brisbane, where the Associations new banner was displayed for the first time.
The months of June, July & August are very significant for the Commando brethren, with the raising of the 1st Independent Commando Company in 1941, The Battle of Eastern Shah Wali Kot in 2010 fought by Alpha Commando Company Group, 2nd Commando Regiment, The Salamaua Raid in New Guinea conducted by 2/5 Commando Company in 1942, The 71st Commemorative Service of Operations Rimau conducted by Z Special Unit against Japanese shipping in Singapore Harbour and unfortunately the loss of no less than eight members of the 2nd Commando Regiment in Afghanistan and in training.
I hope that you enjoy the newsletter and it brings some insight into what we are all about and what we do for each other.
Commando For Life
Nick Hill
June 2016

May/June 1941
1st Independent Commando Company was raised in Wilsons Promontory, Victoria
June 1942
Z Special Unit was raised
05 June 1945
2nd/10th Commando Squadron in action against Japanese bunker system South of the main Australian position in Mandi during the Aitape – Wewak Campaign
10 – 14 June 2010
Battle Of Eastern Shah Wali Kot, Afghanistan ACCG, 2nd Commando Regiment
19 June 2009
2nd Commando Regiment Birthday
25 June 1955
1st Commando Company (Sydney) Birthday
28/29 June 1942
Salamaua Raid conducted by 2nd/5th Commando Company
July 1942
2nd/8th Commando Company was raised in Wilsons Promontory, Victoria
01 July 1042
133 men of 1st Independent Commando Company drowned when the MV Montevideo Maru sank after being torpedoed by USS Sturgeon off the coast of the Philippines.
01 July 1945
2nd/3rd & 2nd/5th Commando Squadrons landed on Green Beach in Balikpapan
05 July 1945
10 Remaining Z Special Unit members of Operation Rimau Executed in Singapore
07 July 1955
2nd Commando Company (Melbourne) Birthday
22 July 1943
2nd/8th Commando Squadron sailed for Lea New Guinea via Milne Bay on board the SS Orimston
July – August 1945
2nd/6th Commando Regiment in action defending Bandi Plantation during the Aitape – Wewak Campaign
2 August 1942
2nd/6th Commando Company deploys to New Guinea on board MS Tasman
August 1943
2nd/4th Commando Squadron landed in Milne Bay, New Guinea