Leyburn RAAF WW2 Memorial

15 Aug 2015
Liberator Place, Leyburn, Queensland, Australia

Saturday saw the dedication of the Memorial for the Leyburn RAAF WW2 airfield, the home of 21 Squadron, 23 Squadron, 99 Squadron 200 special Duties Flight, flying Consolidated B24 Liberator Bombers as well as SRD Units, Z Special Forces operatives. 200 flight flew missions in support for the Z Force throughout South East Asia and the South West Pacific.

3 liberators A72-191, A72-159, A72-177, were lost including the flight commander, 31 Airmen and 14 SRD Operatives.

The attendance of approximately 100 people for such an obscure and little known activity, was outstanding, given that in the Township of Leyburn there was also the Leyburn Sprints and a vintage car rally, and they were not only from the township.

The Department of Defence was represented by, for Army, LtCol Scott Nicholls, CO of the Aviation Training School and Padre Major David Snape, from the RAAF was Squadron Leader Scott Harvey, who was from the Amberley based unit responsible for RAAF Bases.

Also placing wreaths were the Queensland Police Service, represented by Inspector Paul Hart and Senior Constable Steven Gibb.

The memorial was at the junction of the two major Runways that with the Taxiway formed a triangle. The unveiling was performed by one of the veterans of the Base in that era, Mr Ian Lang

( Chris Townley)